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Centrepieces and Novelty items

Sculptures and Icing Art

Buzzy bees  
Hand made miniature buzzy bees

Chocolate dogs  
Cartoon dogs made from chocolate

Chocolate Lord of the Rings Ring Wraith  
Sculpture made from chocolate modeling paste

Christmas Decoration  
Totally Edible Pastillage Christmas Decoration

cup cakes  
Chocolate cup cakes

Hand made flowers  
Flowers made by hand from icing

Icing mosaic bustier  
Bustier totally mosaiced and grouted with icing

Icing Weta  
Giant weta, rocks and succulents made from icing

Lord of the Rings Ring Wraith  
Chocolate moulded horse and figurine

Manuka for Prince Charles 64th Birthday

Manuka flowers  
Manuka flowers made for the NZ culinary teams Chicago challenge

Miniature buzzy bee  
3cm miniature buzzy bee

Miniature buzzy bees  
All buzzy bees made from icing

Miniature Christmas cakes  
Miniature Fruit Cakes

Miniature Christmas tree  
Over two thousand individual pine needles made for this tree that stood 20cm high

Miniature Clocks  
Hand made miniature clocks

Palm tree  
Palm tree made of icing

Hand made rose

Rose spray  
Hand moulded roses, leaves and flowers

Lord of the Rings chocolate moulded tree

Weta Showpiece  
Hand made wetas, log, succulents and rocks