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Novelty Cakes

Cakes that take the shape of novelty and special items

Airbrushed car  
Scaled car with airbrush finish

Airbrushed shoe  
Shoe made from icing

Fuso Truck Cake  
3 dimensional scaled Fuso tow truck cake

Golfing cake  
Golf course made from cake with handmade figurine

Hand made biscuits and jams  
Hand moulded biscuits

Sculptured airbrushed Horse

Sculptured to scale Lamborghini

Sculptured Lamborghini cake

Mountain cake  
Airbrushed mountain cake

Nurse and Patient  
Hand moulded figurine

Piggy cake  
2 Dimensional hand moulded pig

Soccer Ball  
Hand painted soccer ball

Tardis birthday cake  
Airbrushed Tardis

Toy story Alien  
Miniature toy story alien

Wind surger  
Airbrushed cake with hand made figurine

Woo woo  
2 Dimensional treasures dog